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Jasmin Tarabeih
Jasmin Tarabeih
Jasmin Tarabeih

Volunteer of the Month

Horses4Heroes is proud to recognize Jasmin Tarabeih as our Volunteer of the Month for April 2022.  Jasmin volunteers at our HQ and Flagship facility, the Horses4Heroes Family Equestrian Center.  Jasmin is 23 years old and is a recent graduate from UNLV with a degree in communications.  Jasmin is working as a Social Media Coordinator and already has been a big help in promoting our brand, and helping to build an engaged following via Social Media sites.
Jasmin is from Seattle, Washington and was introduced to horses during frequent visits to her grandfather’s farm in Southern Oregon.  Jasmin credits her grandfather for teaching her the value of hard work and dedication, just as he had learned from his service in the Navy. 
“I love volunteering at the Horses4Heroes Family Equestrian Center several times during the week and learning from the instructors and bonding with the other volunteers. The connection between people who share mutual love for horses and simple living is unmatched, and I look forward to being at Horses4Heroes every week. Since being at H4H, I have seen a tremendous change in my mental health, my physical health and my overall wellness. This organization has changed my life, and I am thankful for finding my place here on the ranch.”
Thank you Jasmin.  We are grateful to you and thank you for your service to Horses4Heroes!

A New Home for Victory Riding Academy Congratulations to our Gold Star Affiliate in Omaha!

Victory Riding Academy is a Horses4Heroes Gold Star Affiliate!  For years, owners Jodee and Tony Barnes have pursued their dream of a facility with an indoor arena. The facility where they started at and operated for the last eight years did not have an indoor facility.  It’s hard to serve the community, clients and local heroes and their families during harsh Nebraska winters and hot, humid Nebraska summers.

Tony Barnes shared with us how their dream came true.

During this eight year journey, we pursued two other properties, but was unable to raise the funds.  VRA continued working towards an indoor facility and to fulfill our mission to touch and change lives.  But without an indoor arena, this was a challenge.

Someone we had worked with in the industry was selling their facility and contacted us wanting us to purchase it.  The facility sits on five acres in Omaha and has nine indoor stalls, cedar tack room, hay and grain storage, 60 x 100 foot indoor heated arena, restroom, office and shop.  The house, which will be partially used for VRA group sessions, instructor housing and much more is three times the size of the house at the old facility.

Once we stopped trying so hard to find a facility and allowed God to show us where He wanted us, all the pieces came together.

Congratulations Jodee and Tony!

Here is a link for a tour of the facility.

Here is the announcement video

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