A family standing next to a horse
A woman and girl smiling as the girl holds up her participant ribbon
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The M&M Barn, located in Lithia, Florida, is a Horses4Heroes Gold Star Affiliate.  Horses4Heroes has been proudly affiliated with owner, Mercedes McClellan, in various locations from California to Florida since 2013.


Horses4Heroes activities at the M&M Barn include their first Horses4Heroes Horse Show Recital and two events per year for local heroes and their families.  Mercedes is a certified P.A.T.H. instructor, and her Barn serves the Tampa Bay community by providing affordable horsemanship training and education to the community’s First Responders and their families. The Barn also educates other area children in animal husbandry, and offers specialized treatment involving horsemanship to area disabled.

Five smiling girls wearing participant ribbons while next to horse at the M&M Barn