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Adult Horsemanship Sessions

Heartland Horsemanship

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RSVP: To schedule an adult horsemanship class, please email

Class Information

Date & Time: Weekday mornings, each session is two hours

Location: The Ranch Las Vegas

Restrictions: This class is for adults only, 18 and older. This class has fitness guidelines including a rider weight limit. Horses can carry 20% of their body weight, which includes the weight of the saddle. For more information, email



One-time: $100 per person
Weekly:  Hero Members, $50 per person; Locals, Non-Hero Members, $75

Locals, $50 per person, Hero Members, Active Duty, Veterans, First Responders, spouses

This class is designed for adult men and women who are interested in learning more about horses and exploring the horse-human relationship. It is open to beginners, newcomers and even those looking to get Back in the Saddle! The class will focus on basic horse care, grooming, saddling, safe horse handling, and horsemanship, including the proper use of voice, seat, hands and legs.

Youth Horsemanship Sessions

Barn Rats

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RSVP: Registration is required. Please email

Class Information

Date & Time: Weekdays, Saturdays

Location: The Ranch Las Vegas

Restrictions: This class is for ages 8 to 15. Some experience handling horses is required. Participants should know catch, halter, lead, grooming basics, safe horse handling and leading, proper way to mount and dismount, and correct use of voice, seat, hands and legs. For more information, email


Weekdays: Three days, $100; Two days, $75; One day, $50
Saturdays: This is a four-week session. Each session is $300 plus a $50 session registration fee. Payment is weekly, $75. We do not accept payment in advance for the four-week session.


Horse Lovers Camps

Throughout the year, we offer Horse Lovers Camps, an immersive experience with horses, for ages 10 to
15. These one and two-week camps are small, usually capped at 8 to 10. For more information, email

Introducing Young Riders to Horses

At the Horse4Heroes Ranch Las Vegas, we recommend starting with a visit during Family Farm Days, which includes a horse ride. Next, for ages 4 and up, we offer 15-minute mini-lessons to make sure the love learning about horses as much as they love horses. For many children, this is enough. Our goal is to keep activities with horses fun and entertaining. We also recommend participating in our camps, ages 4 to 14. When a child is ready to really start learning about the horse-human relationship and can spend one to two hours at The Ranch, at least once a week (more is better), then they have achieved Barn Rat status.

For students ages 8 to 15, we offer Barn Rat classes weekdays and Saturdays, hours vary throughout the
year. We have moved away from the traditional, once a week, “get on, get off and go home” approach to
riding lessons.

We believe that learning is best achieved through frequent and extended engagements with horses. For more information, email

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