We are open by appointment Tuesday-Saturday, hours vary throughout the year.




Las Vegas

The Horses4Heroes Family Equestrian Center, located in Las Vegas, is the flagship facility of non-profit Horses4Heroes. 

Here you can host a birthday party, send your kids to camp, interact with horses and farm animals and enjoy a quiet moment under a pine tree. 
We look forward to seeing you at our ranch!  

Join Horses 4Heroes today!  Membership is always FREE for Active Duty service members, Veterans, First Responders and includes all immediate family members.  Membership also is FREE for Nurses and School Teachers (public, charter, parochial) until further notice.  Not a HERO?  You can be our HERO and support our non-profit by joining as a FRIEND for $50, one-time fee.  Once a member, you can attend Open Barn sessions, register for riding lessons, send your kids to camp, host a special event, enroll your children in the Ranch Learning Center (supervised distance learning), and participate in other activities at the Horses4Heroes Family Equestrian Center.  For more information, email info@horses4heroes.org.  We look forward to welcoming you to the Horses4Heroes Family Equestrian Center!



The Horses4Heroes Family Equestrian Center is open on a limited basis to existing students and parents, and Members by appointment.

We are open by appointment Tuesday-Saturday, hours vary throughout the year.
 All horseback riding is by appointment and we only offer riding lessons at this time.  There are, however, opportunities to ride during Field Trips, Birthday Parties, Scout Workshops, Camps, and Special Events.  For more information, email info@horses4heroes.org or call 702.645.8446 


If you love to work with horses and kids, we’d love to have you contact an affiliate near you!
High school and middle school students can earn community service hours by working with our centers.
Volunteers also are needed to help with special events, ride hosts, fund-raisers, grant writing and more


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