Children and family members of local heroes enjoy spending time with horses

There are many ways you can support Horses4Heroes and the Las Vegas Family Equestrian Center. You can volunteer your time, participate in programs and make a donation. Our fixed costs run about $18,000 a month. This includes hay, grain, insurance, rent, utilities, Internet, security, and salaries for our small, dedicated staff. Please help support the horses and farm animals in our care and help us to programs free and low cost.

Wish List

Our Wish List

Senior Feed
(Equine Senior or something similar)
Alfalfa Mini Pellets or 80/20
(for the mini horses)
Rabbit Food
Adult Mini Pig Pellets
Fly Spray * Muck Rakes
Cases of Water (for the humans)
Toilet Tissue (Septic safe)
Paper Towels


Senior Feed (Equine Senior or something similar)
Alfalfa Mini Pellets or 80/20 (for the mini horses)
Rabbit Food
Adult Mini Pig Pellets
Fly Spray * Muck Rakes
Cases of Water (for the humans)
Toilet Tissue (Septic safe)
Paper Towels

For Donations

Ride 4 Five

Ride 4 Five invites local 501 (c) (3) non-profit organizations, schools, booster clubs, veteran groups, sports teams, troops, and youth groups to sell our $10 Day at the Ranch wristbands.

Together we can raise funds for our organizations by pre-selling $10 wristbands, (included a horseback ride, visit to our barnyard, and our fenced play areas and bounce house). It’s simple! You keep $5 and we make $5. Wristbands are good up to six months after the sale date.

Interested? Please email and schedule YOUR fundraiser today!


$250/month; $3000/year

Your name (and picture with your adopted horse) will be placed on your horses stall for each month you adopt a horse. We will even give you a free Horse 101 session to teach you how to care for horses ($50 value). Sign up for three months or more and we will include a riding lesson for you and three guests (may or may not be your horse), $250 value.

Virtual Barn

— Rosie

Rosie is one of our HorsePlay horses.  She is a registered PAINT, has had four babies in five years, and she has a western pleasure and working cow horse foundation.  She also is a “medicine hat” paint, which the Indians say is a sign of Good Luck!


— Seamus

Seamus is a registered American Paint Horse.  He is an insecure horse with low self confidence.  He has moved from home to home, was sold at auction, twice, but never given a job or taught how to do anything!  He has been living with us since 2008 and has found his stride as a lesson horse!  He still has bad habits, but he is happier and settled.  He can be a bit of a bully in his stall, but under saddle, he is a good teacher and a hard worker.  His registered name is Super Bar Shamrock and he was donated to Horses4Heroes.


— Bo

Bo is a painted stock horse.  He is NOT registered, therefore he is not a Paint Horse, despite his flashy coat!  He is sorrel and white and stands about 15.3 hands.  A hand is 4″!  Bo is a bit rebellious, like Seamus he has moved from home to home, resents authority, yet is now, however, settled into his new life, new home, new job!  He is a favorite with our students and campers.


— Jax

An aged, grey gelding, used for lessons and lead-arounds.


— Tex

 This 12-year-old Quarter Horse gelding has been used as a rope horse until an injury to his right front coffin bone forced his retirement.  He is a very willing horse, even if he is doing jobs that are beneath his abilities!  He is a favorite with our more advanced riders and beginners alike. Tex was donated to Horses4Heroes.


— Frankie

Frankie is a big sorrel mare, about 19.  She has had several babies and is a Western Pleasure and Trail horse.  Like Mary Poppins, she’s “practically perfect in every way!”


— Maverick

Maverick is a Mustang who was donated to Horses4Heroes when his owner passed away in 2016.  He is super friendly, a really people horse, just like his owner, Melanie!


— Penny

Penny was born in 2013.  She is a Strawberry Roan.  When her mother was pregnant, she was bound for slaughter.  We saved her mom’s life and hers and now she is in training!  She is very sweet and loves attention!  She is big, has nice long legs and the girl loves to run!


— Pete

This cute little guy is a grade gelding with a big white face!  He is only 10 and is very well trained.  He is our “step up” horse for students who are ready to expand their skills.  He looks good in an English or Western saddle.


— Westley

A half-brother to #Pennysaved, Westley also was born in 2013 at a Horses4Heroes facility.  His mother is an own daughter of Tee J Whippett.  Penny and Westley have different moms but have the same “Baby Daddy.”  They are well bred babies and in training to be able to participate in our programs and activities.  Thanks to Horses4Heroes, their moms were saved from slaughter and the babies are safe and out of harm’s way.


The Little Heroes:
- Bravo & Roger

These two brothers, 7 and 5, are full-grown miniature horses.  They were donated to Horse4Heroes.  Bravo was a therapy horse, working with wheel-chair bound patients and little brother Roger can be a spoiled brat, at times.

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