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Local non-profit, Horses4Heroes, will be hosting three-day seminar
LAS VEGAS (January 27, 2022): The O.K. Corral is coming to Las Vegas to presents its equineassisted certification seminar January 28, 29 and 30. The seminar will be hosted by Las Vegasbased non-profit, Horses4Heroes, and will be held at its flagship facility, the Horses4Heroes

Family Equestrian Center, 4975 North Miller Lane, in northwest Las Vegas.
The focus of this weekend’s session is for providers, therapists, case managers and others who
work with returning Veterans, service members and their families. “Coming Home, Again” will
introduce specific applications for reintegration, depression, addictions, and issues families
experience when the loved are deployed.

O.K. Corral Series president, Greg Kersten, is a United States Army Veteran and has certified
military and civilian staff and volunteers at the USAF Academy in the practice of Equine Assisted
Psychotherapy (EAP).

For more than 20 years, Kersten, president of the O.K. Corral Series and founder of the field of
Equine Assisted Psychotherapy (EAP)
, has been certifying therapists and regular, everyday
people to use horses in the field of mental health and wellness. The seminars encourage
attendees to look beyond horsemanship, irrational fears, and their own biases by promoting
the use of astute observation, nonverbal communication, and “good old common sense,”
according to Kersten. The O.K. Corral typically travels to 24 different locations worldwide each

The seminar also provides fun and insightful equine-assisted activities than can help to “make
every day OK” in the lives of participants or even start them on a new career path.

About Horses4Heroes Las Vegas

Owned and operated by Las Vegas-based national non-profit Horses4Heroes, the
Horses4Heroes Family Equestrian Center, operating at 4975 North Miller Lane, off Lone
Mountain near Buffalo, offers low-cost horseback riding programs and activities for local service
members, veterans, First Responders and their families, including camps, lessons, birthday
parties, field trips, and corporate outings. Free workshops are held for veterans with
PTSD/MST/TBI, First Responders, victims of domestic abuse and violence, recovering addicts,
Foster children and teens and at-risk youth. For more information, email vegasprgroup@gmail.com or visit www.horses4heroes.org.

About O.K. Corral Series

Based in Reno, NV, The O.K. Corral Series educates, promotes, and supports professionals in the
practice of authentic equine-assisted work. Authentic equine-assisted work honors and
integrates natural horse and herd behavior as a model for human mental and emotional health
using the equine assisted philosophies developed by Greg Kersten, the founder of Equine
Assisted Psychotherapy. For more information, contact the O.K. Corral at 1-866.391-OKOK or
visit their web site at www.okcorralseries.com.

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