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Horses4Heroes Seeks New Facility for Family Equestrian Center

LAS VEGAS (March 1, 2019) — Las Vegas-based Horses4Heroes, which has been using its horses to provide affordable, affordable services with horses since 2006, is looking to open a new Family Equestrian Center in the northwest.  The proposed location is a 2.2-acre ranch, located at 4975 North Miller Lane.  The property, under residential zoning, allows up to 12 horses and has been used as a horse ranch and training facility for more than 20 years.

In order to open at this location, the organization has applied for a Special Use Permit, to allow operations under the county code designation, “Horse Riding/Rental Stable.  The application will be heard Wednesday, March 6, before the Clark County Board of County Commissioners during their regular zoning meeting.

The organization is asking neighbors and the community to support the organization and its mission in several ways including signing a petition, launched on, which has more than  signa2,754 signatures so far, sending in letters of support and attending the meeting on March 6.  (Link for petition:

As part of this public process, Horses4Heroes invited neighbors to information sessions on January 23 and February 6.  The Lone Mountain Citizens Advisory Council voted unanimously in favor of the application at its meeting on February 12.  The organization also welcomes interested neighbors to stop by the property for a tour or call 702.645.8446 for an appointment.

Horses4Heroes provides low-cost and affordable equestrian services to Service Members, veterans, law enforcement officers, fire fighters, school teachers, nurses, EMts and their immediate families.  The organization also provides free workshops for veterans with PTSD/MST/TBI, victims of domestic abuse and violence, recovering addicts, at-risk youth and teens and others in the community who need a hand up, not a hand out.

“Over the years, Horses4Heroes has introduced more than 10,000 men, women and children to horses, horseback riding, and our western heritage and lifestyle,” said Knott.  “School children have learned how to make butter, how to brush miniature horses, how to make friends with farm animals and, in so doing, they learn important social skills not being taught in school.  Children learn how to make eye contact, shake hands and become more patient, kind, understanding and empathetic.”

Knott said that the organization has partnered with several non-profits, agencies and organizations over the years including Girl Scouts of Southern Nevada, Boy Scouts, Clark County School District, Blind Center of Nevada, Las Vegas Rescue Mission, Solutions for Recovery, US Vets, Rape Crisis Center, Shade Tree.  Thousands of elementary school children have met a horse for the first time, because of Horses4Heroes.

The Horses4Heroes Equestrian Center has been closed since ending a five-year residency in historic Floyd Lamb Park in late December.  The organization is asking for donations to help with expenses including feeding the horses and farm animals.  Jones Feed & Tack on Rancho at Lone Mountain has set up an account.  Interested supporters can call directly at 702.645.1992 and add to the Horse Feed account.

“We are feeding four bales a day of alfalfa or Orchard Mix, when available,” said Knott.  “Hay is running $15.99 to $17.99 a bale.  One month of hay costs $2,160.  In addition, we are buying feed and grain at an average cost of $125 per week or an additional $541 per month bringing our total feed costs to just under $3000 a month.

“In addition, even though we are not open, we still have to pay rent, utilities, Republic Services, insurance and other expenses that most businesses and non-profits have to pay, not to mention the costs of applying for this Special Use Permit.  We are grateful to our partners in the community, including KGA and Martin Harris, who have stepped forward and are helping us through this process.”

Children and family members of local heroes enjoy spending time with horses.

“All of us at Horses4Heroes, students, parents, volunteers and staff are grateful for the outpouring of support from our neighbors in the Lone Mountain Corridor and throughout the community.  We are proud of the services we provide and look forward to opening a Family Equestrian Center and getting back to riding horses,” Knott added.

In 2014 and 2016, Horses4Heroes won the American Horse Council’s Time to Ride Challenge, a national initiative to introduce newcomers to horses.  Horses4Heroes is the only national equestrian non-profit that owns its own horses and uses those horses, including retired, donated and Feed Lot rescues, every day in programs that serve local heroes and the community.  The organization’s large and growing national network of equestrian centers in 45 states and Canada offer affordable, sometimes free, recreational, instructional and health and wellness programs for all ages, all riding levels and in all disciplines.  For more information on all programs and activities, email, call 702.645.8446 or visit


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